My name is Kateryll Shazneigh Maneja, I’m 18 years old, and a Filipino artist.  I’ve always thought of art as a risk, every brushstroke, every line, every color, every dot, could change the entirety of an artwork. Although tothe contrary, I hated the preciseness of everything in a drawing, always preferring the haphazardness of an unfinished artwork and that the possibility of something more to that could be anything. I’ve never really took art that seriously until I was in 11th grade, soaking in almost everything that I could. I didn’t think i could do anything good but I mostly didn’t care as long as I’m making something whether it’s good or bad; and as they say, anything is better than nothing.

2018-02-16 18.36.00

the feeling of being scattered,
like stars amongst the cosmos

She wanted to dominate;
Enclosed herself with walls
merely watching everything unfold

(you were) always so consuming
And now, (you’re) gone;
I felt the loss
Wrapping me in the nothingness.