(Dayton, OH) – In an effort to include and showcase more artists in the Dayton area, the Edward A. Dixon Gallery will kickoff Live Art Last Fridays on August 31st from 5pm-9pm.  This event will take place each subsequent Last Friday throughout 2018.

The goal of Live Art Last Fridays is to garner sales and recognition for the artists of the Dayton area locally and worldwide through the power of video and the wide reach of the internet via social media.  No venue or event can capture the sheer amount of artistic talent in the Dayton area, but this event will attempt to at least scratch the surface.

Between the hours of 6pm and 7pm, the gallery will broadcast live on Facebook and upload to its YouTube channel a short interview of any artist with one of their artworks for sale who wish to share a little something about the artwork they brought in and about themselves.

Artists can register between 5pm and 6:30pm at the gallery.  As part of the registration, the artist agrees to half of the gallery’s normal commission on the sale of the artwork on that day only.  The gallery will receive no commission on any sale of the artwork after Friday but will continue to promote the videos through its social media network.

2018-02-021stFridayDYT-1(Tom Gilliam)

The live interviews will be posted to the Edward A. Dixon Gallery’s Facebook page and shared on its Instagram and Twitter accounts, as well as, uploaded to the Edward A. Dixon Gallery YouTube page.

(Artwork must meet Facebook, YouTube and Edward A. Dixon Gallery standards.)

Refreshments will be provided on select Fridays and Free Parking is available at meters downtown after 6pm.