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Student show curated by University of Dayton History major, Sarah Behnke.

The Visions Exhibition is an exploration by university student artists to envision what they want the world to look like in the future based on their experiences now and what actions need to take place to make this happen. Uniquely situated in a generation educated in a pandemic, these artists have a powerful perspective on the world around them. They are acutely aware of societal structures and political systems. They constantly adapt to their environment that is rapidly changing with new technologies. Through sculpture, painting, poetry, drawing and photography, students have combated these challenges by reconceptualizing a new normal that values difference. Their art values identity and the soul, reflecting their personal experience and that of others. The Visions exhibition seeks to highlight individual identity and lived experience as a way to connect with one another collectively to address social concerns. Students explore themes of Afro-futurism, body image, mental health, and many others. Artists include Courtney Ayres-McClinton, Jayonna Johnson, Sydney Summers, Amariá Jones, CJ Wilson, Caroline Herling, and Dolci Asamoah.

Sarah Behnke
University of Dayton 2023

Exhibition Dates – April 7th – April 29th

(Sarah is currently a Gallery Assistant at the Edward A. Dixon Gallery)

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