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13 – Rusty Leffel – My Kids’ Live Matter

Rusty Leffel - My Kids' Lives Matter

My Kids' Lives Matter


Rusty Leffel
(Mission Hills, KS)




20” x 16”


Artist Statement:

For a parent it is clear cut, as Dad's sign says:: "MY Kid's Lives Matter!" 

But, as a society, caring for our kids in actions and support sadly fades to gray.  Instinctively, we know "We're Doing it ALL Wrong (TM)" that when we fail our kids we fail our future.

So, Stop It!

Protect Kids and surround them with the safety, resources and opportunity to know their lives matter to us all.


We are being tested to our core through pandemic, racism, inequality, climate change - we all face so much anxiety and uncertainty over who we will be, what we will be, what we will value, what life we can have.   But through it all we know that one universal as a parent is Our Kids' Lives Matter.

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