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41 – Aodan Aodan – Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Exit Here


Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Exit Here


(Chicago, IL)


Glazed Porcelain


6” x 4.5” x 4.5”


I strive to explore, redefine and externalize femininity and “femaleness”. With highly detailed and intricate techniques, I endeavor to show the complicated tableaux with aggressiveness, gentleness, fragility, softness, toughness, struggles, emotions and pain within femininity and female gender in delicate and cryptic looks as I dig into the neglected, unorthodox, forgotten and hidden parts in “Yin” out of love, desire and fear.

I stay loyal to the creed that art should be an organic combination abundant with personal metaphors and symbols; art is about experience rather than conversation. If there is a story with an open ending, there should be art totally open to interpretations and feelings.